Firstly, welcome and thank you for staying with us.

I am confident that you will enjoy your time with us and that my management team and staff will look after you in any way they are able. The Cherratta Team aspire to please every guest, and I believe they do a great job. If you have any issue arise during your stay, our management and staff would love to be able to find a solution for you. However, if you feel that an issue is not being dealt with properly, I would love to receive your call personally, just ask for my details at reception.

This information handbook is there to assist you to settle into Cherratta Lodge and to ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience. We trust your stay with us will be an enjoyable one, feel free to approach any of our team for advice or assistance. Welcome to Cherratta Lodge and enjoy your stay with us.

Malcolm Wylie
CEO – Cherratta Lodge

Reception Hours

The reception will be open between the following hours: 08:00 – 18:00.
Should you require assistance outside of these hours please call 1300 161 319 or 0427 112 160. | |

Lodge Guidelines

To help create a harmonious living environment for all residents, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines contained within this compendium. If the guidelines are not followed,  accommodation may be withdrawn.

Prohibited Items

Items strictly prohibited within the facility include;
• Firearms, weapons and explosives
• Any form of illegal drug or substance
• Animals or live pets of any kind
• Any other illegal item, implement or subject matter whatsoever.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Guests must leave laundries, toilets, gymnasiums and shower facilities in a reasonably clean condition after use. All litter and rubbish must be disposed of in rubbish receptacles provided.


We try to make Cherratta Lodge a ‘Litter Free Zone’ so we have provided a lot of bins around the site to assist with this. Please place all rubbish in the bins provided, this includes cigarette butts and bottle tops.

Please do not throw anything into the gardens, it is very hard for the staff to get rubbish back out of the gardens to put it back into the bin, please help them out

Visitors and Gatherings

Guests are welcome to have visitors, they must be registered at reception on arrival and departure. Visitor behaviour is the responsibility of the host (guest). Visitors are not permitted to remain on facility grounds after 22:00. Cherratta reserves the right to remove visitors from the facility if in the opinion of Cherratta, the visitor may negatively impact guests or staff. Visitors and guests alike must not undertake any illegal activity whatsoever at Cherratta Lodge.

Noise restrictions will be enforced from 21:30 to assist with night shift guests, this will be managed by security personnel and is at their discretion. Due regard is to be given to the extent of noise at any time and especially to guests on alternate shifts. A full site restriction will be enforced from 22:00, this means that no visitors are permitted around the facility after this time. These restrictions are for the benefit of all guests, we appreciate your support in this.


All vehicles are to be parked only within the marked bays located around the facility. Oversize vehicle parking is available, please contact reception for confirmation of allocated areas. There is a vehicle wash bay located at the front of the Cherratta Lodge Units on King Way.

Cherratta does not accept any liability for vehicle loss or damage.

The following guidelines are in place around the facility regarding vehicles;
• The speed limit around the facility is 8km/h
• All vehicles must adhere to the reverse parking signage within the facility
• Vehicles are permitted to remain on site, only while the guest is residing at the facility. Any vehicles left at Cherratta may be removed by the City of Karratha and any associated fees will be payable by the owner of the vehicle
• No boats are permitted to be parked at Cherratta Lodge without prior authorisation of management
• No repair work or servicing of vehicles is to be carried out at Cherratta Lodge
• Unregistered or un-roadworthy vehicles are not permitted onto the facility and may be removed by the City of Karratha if found
• Private vehicles are not to be driven in areas restricted by signage under any circumstances and vehicles must give way to pedestrians in shared access areas
• All vehicle owners and drivers must comply with the requirements of the Road Transport Act and observe the posted speed limit, parking and other information signs erected within the facility or as noted on the Traffic Management Plan.

Guest Accommodation

Room Allocation

Cherratta will allocate individual rooms to guests, rooms are provided on the basis of one person to a room unless agreed by Cherratta.

Accommodation must be maintained in a clean and hygienic condition by guests between services.
Smoking is not permitted in accommodation units, ashtrays are provided on your verandah. Cooking of food is prohibited within bedrooms unless a kitchen is part of the accommodation provision. Do not tamper with the smoke detectors, fire prevention or other emergency equipment.

When leaving your room please turn off your air conditioner to reduce energy consumption. Please be reminded that personal belongings are the responsibility of the owner. Please ensure that rooms are locked at all times, Cherratta Lodge takes no responsibility for lost items.

Check in and Out

Check in is after 14:00 on the day of your arrival and check out is by 10:00. Please return your key to the drop box located at the front of reception. Late checkout can be arranged at  reception and is subject to availability and may incur additional charges.

Room Contents

You are responsible for the contents of your room. Housekeeping checks the room contents prior to guest occupation. If you find there is something missing, please alert reception and the item will be replaced.
We understand that accidents sometimes happen and items may occasionally get damaged, if you alert reception they will be very understanding and arrange for the item to be replaced.

If items are lost or damaged due to negligent or willful behavior, the guest will be liable for the cost to replace all damaged or missing items. A list of item costs can be obtained in reception.

No modification, alteration, extension, removal or rearrangement of fixtures, equipment, furniture, electrical / communications or plumbing service is permitted without express written permission of Cherratta. Furniture indoors and outdoors must not be rearranged.

Guest Accommodation

Room Keys

Upon check in, you will receive a room key which is your responsibility until you depart. If you lose your key, another will be cut at a non-refundable charge of $33.00 which covers the administration, labor and equipment cost of replacement. If original key is not returned, the door lock will need to be replaced due to security reasons. This cost varies on product availability, but averages $220.


Lockers are available for our guests to use free of charge. Please contact reception to organise a locker for
your R&R.


Shared laundry facilities are available for guests which are located beside the pool area and a second laundry is located beside the locker room. Washing powder is provided free of charge. Guest must ensure cleanliness is maintained in this shared facility before, during and after use.

No clothes lines are to be erected outside the rooms, clothes lines are provided in various locations around Cherratta Lodge.

Guest Wellbeing

Cherratta Lodge offers complimentary high-speed WIFI and Foxtel in all accommodation units, the password for this Wifi service is located on page 2 of the compendium in the top left of the map.

Stay on top of your fitness goals with our fully equipped gymnasium and pool. Please refer to the village map at the first page on this compendium for gym and pool opening times.

Guest Accommodation

Room Cleaning

Rooms will be serviced once per week, between day 6 and 8 after your check-in date, and will include a full bed linen and towel change. As our staff are not permitted to move your
personal belongings, to enable the room to be cleaned your belongings must be removed from your bed, desk and floor, or your bed may not be made or your room may not be cleaned.

Please do not leave on display any picture or printed material that may be seen as offensive or inappropriate to any person’s gender, religion or nationality. You will be asked to remove such material.

Chilled Water and Ice Machine

Chilled water is available from the water chiller on the Veranda at the front of the Restaurant, and an Ice Machine is located behind the kitchen.


Night Shift signs can be obtained from Reception, also see Reception if you require your room to be darker. Do not attempt to black out the windows, we will install a blackout window cover for you.

Off Work Sick

If you do not intend to go to work due to being unwell, please advise Reception, we will keep an eye on you and can make sure you are not disturbed. Depending on the severity of your
condition, staff can arrange transport to a doctor or an ambulance can be called. If your symptoms are potentially COVID related, it is your responsibility to take steps to be tested and to advise Reception of such, we will then take steps to protect staff and other guests.

Postal Address

Personal mail can be sent to our mailbox, and may be collected from Reception after 15:00 Monday to Friday.
Mail should be addressed as follows.

“Your Name”
C/o- Cherratta Lodge
PO Box 302
Karratha WA 6714

Homestead Restaurant and Cafe

Service Times

Service times may vary during certain times of the year, please check the dining room doors for latest times of service.

Takeaway Crib lunch will be available during service opening hours.

Cooked to order meals must be ordered by 19:00. Re-heatable meals may be taken in lieu of a meal and can be collected from the Restaurant during service times.

Restaurant Conduct

When dining at the restaurant we ask that you adhere to the following;
• You will be asked to produce your room key as proof of residence on entrance to the restaurant
• Alcohol is permitted in the restaurant in responsible quantities
• Dress standard is shirt with sleeves (no singlets), footwear at all times
• Dirty work clothes are not permitted in the restaurant at any time
• From 18:00, no hi-viz or outdoor work uniforms are permitted in the restaurant
• During permitted times, work clothing worn in the restaurant must be in a clean and neat condition
• Do not remove any utensils or glassware from the restaurant
• Do not remove hot food from the restaurant at any time, removal of hot food is against health regulations
• Please wash your hands prior to entering the restaurant
• Please use tongs provided at the bain maries to avoid cross contamination


BBQ Request Forms are available from Reception in lieu of a meal.

Requests must be made 48 hours in advance to allow staff time to ensure barbecue meats are available.

Please clean the BBQ and surrounding area and return the BBQ utensils to the restaurant once the BBQ is completed.

Allergies and Intolerances

If you suffer from any food related allergies or intolerances please advise our friendly team and the chefs will discuss meal options for you.

Retail Store

The Homestead Café is stocked with essential items and our retail store offers a wide range of snacks, beverages, toiletries and other personal care items that our guests may need while staying on site.

Please note that our Homestead Cafe and Retail Store only allows cashless payments.

Feel free to approach our friendly Reception or Dining team for any questions regarding cashless transactions.

Emergency Procedures

Upon check-in to Cherratta Lodge the check in sheet that you sign states that you will familiarize yourself and abide by the information set out in the induction form on the Cherratta wifi landing page.

Emergency Evacuation Plans are located in your accommodation and the full Emergency Response Procedure is available on request.

Fire Prevention

To assist with fire prevention, we require guests to ensure that no large amounts of combustible materials are stocked in rooms. Highly flammable liquids or gasses must not be brought onto the facility without the express written authorization of the Village Manager.

Naked flame sources such as lighters, candles or burning of scented oils must not be carried out in any building on the facility.

Guests must familiarize themselves with the location of firefighting equipment near their allocated accommodation room and throughout the facility generally. Locations of firefighting equipment is noted on emergency plans on the back of your accommodation door.

Please use firefighting equipment only if you are trained or feel comfortable to do so in the event of a fire emergency.

Potential causes of fire are to be reported immediately to a staff member.

The following rules must be adhered to at all time:
• Smoking is prohibited inside any building at the facility
• Cooking of food is prohibited within bedrooms unless a kitchen is part of the accommodation provision
• Firefighting equipment must be used to fight fires only • It is an offence to use firefighting equipment for any other purpose

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Hose Reels

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Hose Reels are located throughout the facility. Please make yourself aware of the Fire Extinguishers and/or Fire Hose Reels nearest to your room.

In the event of a fire emergency, please assist with extinguishing a fire hazard only if you feel confident and safe to do so. Tampering with any Fire/Safety Equipment is illegal and will result in the withdrawal of accommodation and legal action may be taken.

Muster Points

The Muster Points for Emergencies are shown on the Emergency Management Plan placed on the back of your room door. Please familiarise yourself with the Muster Points around the facility. If you are unable to find the Muster Point locations, please ask the staff and they will ensure you are made aware of all locations.


Rooms may be evacuated in the event of fire or smoke, floods, environmental incident, cyclones or severe winds, evacuation drill or other emergency.

In the event of an evacuation order, these steps must be followed:
• Turn off power points if safe to do so
• Move to the closest muster point
• Your name will be recorded by the Warden and checked against occupancy report
• Stay calm and wait for further instructions
• Render assistance if requested and safe to do so
• Remain at the Muster Point until “All Clear” is issued by the Warden
• If directed by Emergency Services to evacuate from the area, the Emergency Response Coordinator shall assist the Emergency Services in coordinating the evacuation procedure.

Snakes and Other Animals

Snakes are common in the Pilbara and have been sighted at Cherratta Lodge. All snakes must be treated as poisonous, and in particular during breeding season when juvenile snakes have not learnt how to control their venom. Please report any snake sightings to Reception or Security immediately so that the snake can be removed by qualified staff.

Please do not attempt to capture a snake, this is highly dangerous and could prove fatal. Do not attempt to kill a snake, this is illegal. If possible, keep the snake within eye distance and have someone fetch assistance, or make a call to security. If the snake handler knows where the snake is or where it has gone there is more chance of relocating it quickly.

Please do not feed stray animalssuch as cats, food left around can attract mice or native marsupials which in turn can attract snakes. If you sight any stray animals, please alert staff and we will take steps to have the animal removed from site.


The regulations in place at a Cherratta Lodge managed facility are there for the benefit of all guests, visitors and staff members. We plan to keep you safe and secure to ensure that your stay with us is a happy and healthy one.

We want all of our guests to leave us in the same condition as they came, or even happier and healthier if we get it really right. To assist us in achieving our goals we request that you observe these guidelines that outline how we operate at Cherratta and how we require you to operate while you stay with us so everyone can get the best from the facility and from our staff.

Guests residing at Cherratta Lodge acknowledges and understands that it is a condition of stay;
• That while the guest has a personal right to boarding and lodging with Cherratta Lodge on the individual terms of contract however entered, the guest has no interest in nor any right of
exclusive possession of the accommodation or facilities
• That the legal right to possession and control of the accommodation and facilities remains with Cherratta Lodge at all times
• No relationship of landlord and tenant exists between guest and Cherratta Lodge nor shall any such relationship arise by virtue of the provision of accommodation with Cherratta Lodge
• Abiding by these rules and regulations are part of the guest’s conditions of accommodation whilst residing at a Cherratta Lodge managed facility. To remain accommodated at Cherratta
Lodge the enclosed must be read, understood and abided by, as signed to be undertaken by each guest upon check-in.

Misconduct and Removal

The following actions constitute misconduct and will likely result in withdrawal of accommodation;
• Anti-social or aggressive behaviour towards guests or staff will not be tolerated
• Unsanitary use of any facility and acts against acceptable hygiene standards
• Riotous, drunken, boisterous or noisy behaviour
• Provocative or insulting language or offensive behaviour directed at guests or staff
• Posting of sexually explicit or pornographic material anywhere within the facility
• Refusal to present room key when requested
• Refusal to adhere to rules, regulations and procedures
• Failure to maintain your room in an acceptably clean and hygienic condition
• Continual failure to observe dress codes in the restaurant
• The playing of audible equipment at a high level and disturbing others in the facility
• Participating in illegal gambling, betting or games of chance
• Negligent or wilful acts that cause or have the potential to cause damage
• Inappropriate use, tampering or wilful damage to firefighting equipment, including extinguishers, alarms, hoses, smoke detectors, computer systems, alarms systems etc.
• Fighting, intimidating or violent behaviour (either initiating or in response to actions of another)
• Harassment of any kind on the basis of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, colour, ancestry, age, impairment
• Possessing or using firearms, dangerous weapons, explosives, illegal drugs
• Conducting or participating in any illegal activity or act
• Theft of, or unauthorised use of, property belonging to another person
• Refusal to comply with safety, security, hygiene and environmental rules and regulations or instructions given from authorised persons from time to time, including the rules and regulations contained in this document.

Complaints Management

Complaints regarding any service performed by the Cherratta Lodge staff should, in the first instance be referred to the Cherratta Lodge Site Management. If after raising an issue with management, you feel the issue is not resolved, you may raise the matter with the Cherratta Lodge CEO.


Maintenance Request

If you have a faulty item in your room or if you spot a hazard, please complete a Maintenance Request/ Hazard Reporting form so that we can action your request. Maintenance Request forms are located online at Contact

Guest Satisfaction Surveys

We continue to look for ways to improve. Please provide your feedback by completing a guest satisfaction survey online at Contact

Local Phone Numbers

Karratha Police 08 9143 7200
Emergency 000
Poisons info Line 13 11 26
Karratha Health Campus 08 9144 7777
Karratha Medical Centre 08 9185 3555
Karratha Visitor Centre 08 9186 8055
Karratha Premier Taxis 0439 747 800
Karratha Taxi Service 13 13 30
State Emergency Services 1800 199 084

RDO CRIB/BBQ/Pizza Request

You can arrange a lunch request the morning before! Cherratta Lodge has great options such as pizza, fresh wraps and a lot more! And while the BBQ areas are closed, you can still order a pack and cook this in your room.

See our reception team to organise this

Find Places Offering Takeaways.

With the changes to government legislation there are still some great places offering takeaway meal services such as:

  • Soak Cafe – Located in Dampier, you can order a nice meal and enjoy this looking over the harbour next to the beach.
  • Lo’s Cafe – Located in the Karratha Quarter, you can enjoy your takeaway meal on the grassed area out the front of the restaurant
  • Samson Beach Tavern – You can order the Pilbara’s best fish and chips from here and enjoy this at Honeymoon Cove on the beach

Discover the richness of Pilbara

Pilbara is full of wonderful places that you can explore while maintaining social distancing.

Deep Gorge, situated on the Burrup Peninsula, is a wonderful natural record of Aboriginal culture. This area is recognised as one of the most prolific Aboriginal rock art sites in Australia and is being considered for World Heritage listing.

Yaburara Heritage Trail – The Yaburara Heritage Trail is a 3.5 kilometre grade 4 walk highlighting the Karratha district’s natural history and cultural heritage and in particular the heritage of the Traditional Owners of the land, the Ngarluma people, in honour of the Yaburara people.

Python Pool is a stunning spot for a swim in a cool refreshing rock pool whilst enjoying the spectacular backdrop of the imposing rugged ochre cliffs.


• Sam’s Creek and Harbor
• Bridge of Wickham
• Shore of Cossack

Then there are a few more options that you could consider. Check out

Beach Bumming

• Hearson Cove
• Point Samson
• Dampier

Karratha Golf Course – The course has fabulous sand greens, and the best grass fairways in the Pilbara. Very friendly locals, always happy to socialise and share the golden view from the clubhouse.


Cherratta Units
From $ 300.00/night

This room feature provide guests with individual occupancy, a queen bed, a private ensuite, and a fully equipped workstation. Access to the Cherratta Lodge central facilities including our Balinese thatched hut overlooking the central swimming pool and gymnasium is also available for all to enjoy.

Cherratta Lodge Rooms
From $ .00/night

Newly renovated Queen size room features an ensuite bathroom, 32″ smart TV with Foxtel Platinum IQ. With high-speed internet and a desk, this room is the perfect choice for all corporate travellers.


What Our Guests Have To Say

"Great room, Great meals, beautiful pool, Great staff what else could a FIFO worker ask for".
John Hand -
“Completely stress-free and comfortable, at times I had forgotten I was even there for work”.
Richard Daws -
"Very good food - fresh, tasty. This is the best! I have been in Pilbara for over 40 years and never tasted such good food. Keep the work up chef and staff."  
Yasser Zreik -
“Best place I’ve stayed in the 8 years of FIFO”

Roger Smith -
"The College was very pleased to award the inaugural Cherratta Scholarships. Prospective Year 7 students were encouraged to apply for these generous scholarships, which the panel awarded after reviewing applications and an interview process for applicants. The scholarships, for students of diverse backgrounds, have been awarded to Brian Nguyen and William Lukas, both Year 7. The College extends its thanks to the Cherratta community for its extremely generous commitment to the provision of education through this scholarship."
St. Luke’s College -
"We would like to thank Cherratta Lodge for the support. The strong relationship that has developed between us provides outstanding opportunities for our students. Your ability to provide flexible and innovative opportunities in a warm and welcoming environment is unique. We especially appreciate your eagerness to provide opportunities to those young people who are at risk within our society. We have seen excellent outcomes for our students who engage with Cherratta Lodge. Students’ learning is enriched through real and relevant experiences which provide an understanding of an actual workplace and students learn and grow socially, and academically and develop work-ready skills. These types of opportunities are invaluable in a learning environment. We are eager to continue and strengthen our relationship with Cherratta Lodge and look forward to what it will mean for our students and the community."
Karratha Senior High School -
Another huge success! Thank you for supporting Dampier Bowling Club's Annual Bowling Carnival 2021."
Dampier Bowling Club -
"Thank you to Cherratta Lodge for the amazing food! Great to catch up with some of the seniors from Karratha, Dampier, and Roebourne to celebrate the end of the year with the annual Christmas Lunch. It has been a very tough year for our Pilbara community and especially for our senior citizens, so it was a pleasure to host a lunch for them."
Kevin Michel MLA -