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I spend a lot of time analysing how our business culture keeps our people engaged and working together as a great team.  One thing that really hit home lately was witnessing how one individual’s success was celebrated by the whole team, as a team success, just like a sports team. Not leaching glory, but by holding the winner up on their shoulders and being incredibly proud of their achievements. As an employer and on a personal level, I have been following the journey of Cherratta Lodge’s, Heath Hyland. What a journey to watch, this guy is going places.

As our brand-new apprentice chef, Heath has worked diligently to become a valued team member who loves to learn and explore growth opportunities that are fast-tracking his career to new levels.  Heath came to us through our participation in the Warrgamugardi Yirdiyabura (WY) Pathway to Employment Programme. Heath is one of a growing number of local Indigenous job seekers achieving qualifications and employment from a starting point of little or no employment or training experience.

The WY program is Sponsored by Woodside Energy Limited and is run by Georgia Mills of Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Foundation Limited and overseen by WEL Corporate and Indigenous Affairs Advisor Shanine Ryan. WY is a vital tool in assisting people to gain employment that otherwise would not exist, through work placements and training opportunities. It’s such a great programme and we are really happy to be part of it.

Many instrumental supporters, mentors and role models have contributed to the success of the programme and in turn Heath’s success, in particular, Georgia Mills, who was the winner of KYP Community Leader Award 2018.   Georgia and Shanine are both so proud of Heath’s achievements and it was great to have them down to see Heath sign up his apprenticeship papers.

Already Heath has gained more confidence, learnt many skills and has opened-up to reveal his great sense of humour. I can’t wait to see him at the other side of his apprenticeship when he becomes a fully qualified chef.

It’s these types of personal successes, that our team have been around to see unfold and be part of, that help keep us together. The whole team watching each other take their journeys and being around to support and celebrate achievement creates a family-like bond to one another. Heath just happens to be one of the champions right now.

Good on you Heath, so happy to have you on our team and help celebrate your success. You’re definitely a face to watch.

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