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News & Events


9th December - Indian Cuisine Night
Head over to the Homestead Restaurant and enjoy our amazing Indian Theme Night on Sunday, the 9th of December! Read More
25th December - Christmas Dinner
Join us on Tuesday, the 25th of December to enjoy a lovely Christmas Dinner at our Homestead Restaurant. Read More
Lifestyle Activities - Touch Rugby Competition
In-house guests are invited to join the Cherratta Touch Rugby team each month for a game of touch rugby at the Karratha Leisureplex.

The first two games for the month are for training and the last game of the month is the competition against other villages - the winning village take home the shield! Read More
Lifestyle Activities - Yoga
Fleetwood Yoga International will be hosting yoga twice a month for in-house guests at Cherratta Lodge. Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It is a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. Read More